Best infant car seat ratings

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Tips for finding the best baby car seat


AOne of the most important purchases you will make for your baby is a car seat. Not only will the best infant car seat of 2016 help protect your baby in case of an automobile accident, it can also be used as a convenient and safe carrier. While there are several types and brands of rear facing car seats to choose from, it’s important to remember that there are differences between the individual models. This buying guide was created to help you find the right car seat for your infant and your vehicle.



The most important aspect to consider in an infant car seat is safety, and you want to ensure that the model you choose has been rated by the NHTSA. Not only do you want the infant car seat to be approved for safety and protection on the road, it should also feature a 5 point adjustable shoulder harness to hold your baby securely in place. The latching system is another important feature to consider, along with added protection to absorb impact shock on the sides of the car seat. You can also find infant car seats that include a bar that helps to prevent your baby’s head from hitting the back of the head rest.


<Ease of Use>

While infant car seat reviews recommend checking for safety, you also want to find a model that is convenient and easy to use. The NHTSA not only lists the top rated infant car seats for safety, you can also find these products rated convenience and ease of use. The car seat should lock securely into place without any problems, and you also want to make sure you can easily get your baby out when you need too. Models that include removable seat covers are generally quick and easy to wipe clean, and some are even machine washable. Other features to consider include adjustable shoulder straps, and removable bases so you can easily carry your infant in the car seat.


<Additional Features>

Car seats can also include additional features that are designed to help make life a little easier for busy parents. Extra cushioning can help keep fussy babies quiet on long car trips, and locking handles give you a convenient place to hang some of your baby’s favorite toys. The handle also makes it easier to carry your infant around, even when he is sleeping. Other features to consider include adjustable straps to let the car seat grow with your baby, and sturdy bases which can be detached. This makes it easier to use the car seat as a baby carrier.



<Convertible Car Seats>

Some parents prefer the versatility that they get from a convertible car seat, but this might not be ideal for all parents. A convertible car seat can be used in the rear and front facing position safely until your child is tall enough to ride in a vehicle without one. While these fully functional car seats can save you money, it should be noted that this type is not safe for smaller infants. Before using this type of car seat, it is best to discuss any potential dangers  with your baby’s pediatrician.


What models we recommend


An infant car seat is not exactly easy to find, especially if you are a new parent overwhelmed by so many available models. If you have no idea where to start, the next list containing the best infant car seats for 2016 will help you get the right one for you.


Chicco Keyfit 30


1.Chicco Keyfit 30The most important aspect of an infant car seat has to be safety. The Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Car Seat and Base is considered one of the safest you can find right now, so there is no wonder it enjoys so many positive reviews from users. The model is also easy to install, which is another great plus in any parent’s book. Even small babies are well protected in this car seat specially designed for them. Accommodating kids weighing from 4 to 11 pounds, this seat from Chicco offers great comfort and stellar safety features.

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Graco Snugride Click Connect 35


2.Graco SnugrideMany parents complain that car seats are too heavy, which is why the most important manufacturers are interested in offering lighter options, such as the Graco Snugride Click Connect 35 Infant Car Seat. Ideal for long babies, this car seat offers plenty of room for the precious occupant and it is extremely comfortable, while being lightweight. You will love how easy it is to get the car seat in and out of your vehicle and carry it around. Thoroughly crash tested, this safe car seat is preferred by many parents and even the federal standards for safety are exceeded.

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BOB B-Safe


3.BOB B-SafeAlthough an infant car seat is usually designed for smaller occupants, it is a good idea to purchase a product that can be adjusted depending on how fast your baby grows. This model can accommodate babies weighing up to 30 pounds, and offers the best safety and comfort conditions for children during their first year of life. Among the available models for sale, this one scores high in parents’ preferences, due to its outstanding safety features. With side impact protection readily available, this car seat truly increases the chances of survival in case of a car crash.

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Baby Trend Flex-Loc


4.Baby Trend Flex-LocThe Baby Trend Flex-Loc Infant Car Seat is everything parents wish for in such a product for their children. The 5 point safety harness can be adjusted with ease, using just one hand, and the car seat is made with high quality, energy absorbing foam that makes sure side impact crashes are not fatal for your baby. Particular attention is paid to all the vulnerable areas of a baby’s body, and the overall safety factor of this seat is stellar. When you want to move the car seat around, you will surely appreciate the carrying handle.

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Britax B-safe 35


5.Britax B-safe 35Side impact can be really terrible and cause a lot of injuries during a crash, which is why car seat manufacturers are currently investing more in creating better side impact protection for their products. The Britax B-safe 35 Infant Car Seat comes equipped with the latest technologies in providing proper protection for side impact crashes, and many are already praising it for its outstanding performance. The special type of base used absorbs the energy released during a crash, and the shell protects the baby against debris and the force of impact, ensuring the best chances of survival.

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